"Hate.Dow.Gwar.Go"? If I were a Taiwanese and/or Chinese man (why must be man? Because female showing up on stage all tooled by stupid bad ugly evil doer, no matter her name is Condi Rice Hill 部落格ary Clinton LoYen or KueiYingWangLin; that how even a best moral integrity "Tie.Hold" could only be allowed "Chway.Lyan.Tin.Zhen 部落格g") , and if I chosen to run for any election, the first thing I would have had done is to seek all "Hate.Dow" be my supporters. 1. "Hate.Dow" 部落格is absolute better than "Bi.Dow". Any private citizen can showed better than any government office worker, that private citizen must be absolute innocent, because any 房屋出租 mistake that private citizen may make all your government's crime.2. Democratic people must all be innocent until proved guilty, you have not ever eaten public fund, you ha 結婚ve not ever own public power, you are always innocent until proved guilty(That means you have to prove that every one who ever working in any of your public office, who ever owned your public authority 代償 more innocent than that private citizen. For instance, all pure White Christian man who ever working in USA public office must be more innocent than evil Chinese female dressed animal Hillary Clinton and Lo Yen and Yu L 個人信貸ing; because those pure white Christian man has no way to know how come their Dollar Bill can have any thing to do with those sucking evil Chinese committed "Jean.Chain.Want.Want.Sway" crimes.) 3. "Lie.Swall.10.Fail.Jer. Ben.10.10.Fail.Ren"; you 房屋出租 dare accuse any private citizen with any negative eyes, your credibility must be investigated first before you deserve anyone's ears and/or eyes; you dare look down "Hate.Dow", you dare hostile to "Hate.Dow", yet you dare not openly do the good citizen duty to 信用貸款detail what that "Hate.Dow" done to you personally, you must liar, lair cannot know how to hide, dare abuse any place to lie openly, must be killed immediately.   .msgcontent .wsharing ul li { text-indent: 0; } 分享 Facebook Plurk YAHOO! 訂做禮服  .
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